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This picture, edited though it might be is very visually appealing. The shadow iris effect around the flower not only draws the the eye...

by Faejala

When I first saw this I was quite moved. The blending of the conceptual and illustration really creates an eye grab-er. Its almost as i...




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Christopher L Wyckoff
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
If there are any questions don't be afraid to ask

I will answer to the best of my ability.


The Long Night
The sun had just set and these two most unlikely companions are now stranded in a raging blizzard. Mercurium offered to keep Omega warm for the night. 

Based on a role play. I don't know why but I enjoy the idea of creatures never meant to be friends becoming friends and allies.

Once again I find that i have both gone overboard and not far enough. Well back to doing things. Still not happy with some of the detailing. But I can see the progress in my work all the time so I'm happy with that.
The Witch and the Cowboy
Any one else have this problem when asking someone out on a date?

Got some time away from learning coding, So I spent it studying some texture, lighting and backgrounds. Rather happy with how it turned out. 
Lost track how long it took me, so I'm just going to throw it in at around 20 hours or so.

Always looking to improve so what people think works or doesn't work is always good to hear.
I was targeted by :icongell-pen: for this questionnaire, so lets DO THIS!

1. Which FNAF animatronic do you not like the most?
Balloon Boy is easily the most hated.

2. Which FNAF animatronic would you like to see and hug?
hmmm, I think I would have to say foxy.

STUPID Piece of sh****

4. can you get me a hot chocolate? -cute animatronic eyes-
Sorry I took the last one...

5. How was your Christmas?
Decent, but a little boring

6. Did you get what you wanted?
I guess so, kinda hard to get what you want when what you really want is too expensive. 

7. Its your lucky day, you get to shoot at least one Animatronic!  Which Animatronic do you want to shut down?
Haxor skills away, Today the puppet falls.

8. Why?
Cause there is something about the puppet that seems more evil then the rest.

9. Are you glad its over?
FNAF 2? or Christmas? either way, yes. Yes I am.

10. Its the last question, Do you want to make Pizza?
I'm already eating some.. mmmmmm tasty pizza.

Gell's questions.

1. What's your favorite retro game?
never sure were the line between retro and not retro is drawn, so I'll list 2 different ones. Dagger Fall & Final fantasy VI

2. Ever play at an arcade? (Do you hold a high-score?)
I used to always play at arcades, and some times I really miss them. 

3. What's your preferred gaming platform?

4. What game do you play to vent out? (or what do you do if you don't game?) 
I tend to get more agitated when I play games. I actually take a few minutes lay down and think about other worlds and how I can draw or paint them.

5. Ever play pinball? (What's your a high-score?)
Yes a long time ago, in an arcade. 

6. Who's your oldest OC that you continue to draw today?
Mercurium de' lupusperanglespennae'

7. Who's a favorite OC among your audience?
I have an audience!?

8. Got a favorite fandom?
If Fiction and Science-Fiction counts then yes. If not Probably not.

9. What character, be it fandom or your own, do you know you can always draw?
Mr. Stick figure

10. Did you know I lurve ya? 'Cause I do! <3
Whoa, whoa slow down girl :P

I guess I have to tag people now.... ug

As a reminder nobody has to do these. 

  • Listening to: Divergent (audio book)
  • Reading: technically I'm listening to a book.
  • Playing: Banished
  • Eating: Peanut butter filled Pretzels
  • Drinking: Brisk


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